Brands Guide

Brands Guide

The brands at are diverse and offer a wide range of benefits to meet your needs and desires: Hi-Tec for your outdoor lifestyle, Prince for your active lifestyle, The Comfort Sock for your foot and leg solutions, and Magnum for the ultimate in performance work socks. Our brands allow you to keep doing what you love…and look good doing it.


Berkshire socks are made of the highest quality materials to meet the needs of women of all shapes and sizes. Designed to fit, Berkshire socks provide stylish and flattering comfort for proactive foot and leg health.

Hidden Peak Outdoor – Explore the Possibilities.

Hidden Peak Outdoor™ performance socks were created for you, the adventurer. With unmatched style, comfort and quality, Hidden Peak Outdoor will keep you comfortable beyond the journey. Explore the possibilities with Hidden Peak Outdoor.

HI-TEC – Feet feel good, guaranteed.

Hi-Tec all began on the court in 1974 with the Hi-Tec Squash, a world leading sports shoe. Hi-Tec now enjoys worldwide recognition as one of the world leaders in sports and outdoor footwear with distribution in over 85 countries.

Hi-Tec performance socks are made of the highest quality materials to meet the needs of people with active lifestyles. Whether trekking through the mountains or navigating the city, Hi-Tec socks will provide comfort every step of the journey. Hi-Tec socks make your feet feel good, guaranteed.

PRINCE – Inspired by athletes, available to everyone.

The Prince brand is forward thinking and performance driven. Prince produces world-class products that always meet and exceed a high standard of excellence.

Prince socks are inspired by professional tennis athletes who demand a lot from their socks and are made for everyone to enjoy. With ultimate comfort, fit and durability, these socks are built for athletic activities or everyday comfort.

THE COMFORT SOCK – Live comfortably.

Innovation meets comfort meets style – this is The Comfort Sock.  This brilliant fusion offers consumers something they’ve always wanted, but could never find. At The Comfort Sock, we know comfort, and believe that everyone deserves to be comfortable. Whether you’re looking for a little more support, or a lot more cushion, The Comfort Sock helps you find your comfort.


Magnum Boots was born in 1982, through a request from the FBI training center for a strong, lightweight, athletically built, black tactical boot. Once the FBI spread the word, the demand came to supply this product across the world. As a result, the Magnum product range expanded to meet the wide range of high-performance needs of professionals working in high-pressure environments. Magnum understands how important it is to keep your feet protected and ensure comfort when you are on your feet all day. Keep your feet comfortable all day long with Magnum socks designed for reliable performance.
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